Interfaith, Civil, & Traditional Weddings in the Philadelphia Area

$500 for an Elegant Wedding with Individual Planning.
(prices can be negotiated for something quick & simple)

$150 for a Rehearsal on a different day from wedding.
Travel Reimbursement will be requested for weddings outside of Philadelphia vicinity.

In today’s world, weddings are being held at many locations outside of the traditional church. Couples have many options open to them, so it is up to the wedding professional to accommodate and work with couples to have a unique and wonderful experience. Therefore, Rev. Tim will travel to the location of your choice to help you to have the wedding of your dreams.

Given Rev. Tim’s vast experience with weddings, he can help every couple to have the style and substance of the ceremony that they desire. This includes the most frequently requested type of ceremony…a “non-denominational” wedding. However, Rev. Tim is can also perform a Civil ceremony, Interfaith or Traditional-Christian ceremony as well. In every case, Rev. Tim sees YOUR wedding ceremony as unique and special, one-of-a-kind…. personal, spiritual, beautiful and romantic.

Where might people get married these days? Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Hotels, Parks and Homes. Many still love a Church or Chapel space for their ceremony, which is a wonderful place of Spirit and Divine Presence, but other locations have a beauty and charm that are equally appealing. So, whatever the setting, Rev. Tim can help create a sacred space and environment in every location. Feel free to think “beyond the ordinary” to the “extra-ordinary” and express the real you! Below are some ideas for your wedding ceremony. I can adapt or modify any part of your ceremony to fit your unique wedding.

Services Included With Each Ceremony:

  • Make available to the couple the necessary resources, ceremony options and language that help you to create a unique and special ceremony.
  • Be available for timely Email and Phone support and conversation.
  • Personal consult/meeting if needed at a mutually convenient location.
  • Finish writing and creating the ceremony that expresses your love and commitment.
  • On the day of the wedding, arrive in a timely manner and conduct the ceremony with beauty and charm.
  • As the legal representative of the state, fill out and sign the wedding license. Afterward, take responsibility for filing the license with the County Courthouse, making the wedding legal and binding.

Sample Ceremony Outline:

  1. You may say your own vows with any ceremony
  2. The ceremonies listed below are approx. 15-20 minutes in length.
  3. Special readings, songs, poems, unity candle, etc. will extend the ceremony, usually 5-10 minutes more, depending on how many inserts are added to the ceremony.
  4. Prelude
  5. Seating of Mothers (and Lighting of “Small Candles” of Unity Candle)
  6. Groom’s procession
  7. Bride’s Procession
  8. Words of Gathering (With or without “special mentions”)
  9. Invocation
  10. Blessing by Parents/Tribute to Parents
  11. Family Blessing
  12. Reading(s)
  13. Symbol/Ritual:
  14. Unity Candle, Unity Candle, Mixing of Sand,
  15. Wine Sharing, Water Ceremony,
  16. Seven Blessings (from Jewish Tradition)
  17. Counsel of Marriage
  18. Statement of Intent
  19. Hand Ceremony
  20. Marriage Vows
  21. Blessing the Rings
  22. Exchange of Rings
  23. Declaration of Marriage
  24. Prayer of Blessing
  25. Lord’s Prayer (The Our Father)
  26. Exchange a Sign of Peace
  27. Benediction
  28. Trinitarian Announcement
  29. The Kiss
  30. Introduction of Couple
  31. Recessional

How to Prepare for your Wedding Ceremony

  • Any Family information or traditions that you might want to incorporate.
  • Do you want the ceremony to be religious, non-denominational or a civil ceremony?
  • Personal information about you as a couple, including how you met, how long you have been together, special stories or other items to note about your relationship.
  • Family situations like children, divorce, other complications.
  • Who will escort Bride? Seating of Parents, Grandparents, flow and style of procession.
  • If ceremony is outside, is there a contingency for rain, heat or other bad conditions.
  • Will you write your own vows? Memorize them or have officiant say them is short phrases first?
  • Will there be live music, DJ, or no music?
  • Will Bridal party come in as “men together & women one at a time”, or will they all come in as couples?
  • Will you have any readings, (if so, what and who will read?)
  • Will there be any special rituals like Unity Candle, Wine Sharing, etc?
  • Anything else you would like to share as adequate preparation for your wedding ceremony?

A Personal Word from Rev. Tim Thomson

I meet the couple and get to know them in a short amount of time. I try to hear their wants, desires and dreams. We talk about the ceremony, style, location, flow. I show the couple options and take notes on everything.

If the couple chooses to move ahead, I write out an individual ceremony….which includes many of the option we discussed in the meeting. I email the 1st draft of the ceremony and let the couple choose and edit as they see fit. We go back and forth until the ceremony is finalized. I arrive at the location in a comfortable amount of time before the ceremony to make sure everything is all set. Then, I conduct the ceremony with beauty and class. After the ceremony, I sign the license & everything is all set.

In terms of the cost, etc. The fee is $500 and I ask for a $50 deposit to hold the date and to have the assurance to go ahead. After I get the deposit, I will send the first draft of the ceremony. I do that because I don’t want to spend lots of time if the couple doesn’t move ahead. Then, I ask the couple to send the final payment just before the ceremony or give it to me at the ceremony.

I have been a minister for 27+ years, so have lots of experience and track-record. Most of the ceremonies I conduct are “non-denominational”, which means….they have a sacred and spiritual feel without being overly religious. I also conduct interfaith, civil and traditional Christian ceremonies as well. So, whatever your want or need, I can accommodate. I am here to help you with no agenda or need.

I often meet couples in coffee shops where we can talk and look at resources. We would simply need to find a mutually convenient date, time and location for our meeting.

Thanks for your interest and look forward to meeting with you! Rev. Tim