Elopements in Philadelphia, PA

Elopement Information

So, you want to get legally married? That’s great! There are lots of reasons to get legally married in a quick, cheap and simple way. Elopement is it!

Why would you get an elopement? Perhaps you want the legal benefits of marriage right away. You can get on each other’s medical insurance. (or other kinds of insurance) Perhaps you want the tax benefit. Perhaps you are doing a Destination Wedding, but don’t trust the license procedure in the other state or country that is your destination. Perhaps you have made the decision and just want to do it asap. Perhaps you want to have a big wedding next year, but want to be legally married now. All of these are great reasons to do an elopement!

What happens next?

You must first go to any courthouse in the state you will be legally married and apply for a license. That means, you go to the courthouse (see below) with your ID, then secure the license (for a fee).

In Pennsylvania, the license becomes valid after three days. Other states have different length waiting periods. In the Delaware Valley, each state is different. In Las Vegas, NV, there is no waiting period. So make sure to check with the courthouse.

Once you have the license, simply call, text, or email Rev. Tim to set up the elopement. We can finalize a day and time quickly and easily. Most often, the couple comes to his office at Ardmore United Methodist Church (www.ardmorechurch.com)

Since Rev. Tim is very flexible, it should be easy to find a good time for both him and the couple very quickly or with more notice.

At the office, Rev. Tim fills out the license and signs it as the legal officiant in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He can also do a simple ceremony if requested. He often uses a Seal to make it official, after the couple signs the license as well.

The whole process usually takes less then a half hour. Pictures are welcomed!

In Pennsylvania, no witnesses are needed. They are needed however, in New Jersey & Delaware.

Rev. Tim could come to you as well for an Elopement style wedding or signing of the license.

Prices vary, but it would be no more than $250 at the office. Often, it is $150 for “just signing it.” A $50 deposit is required to confirm Rev. Tim’s services.

Once signed, the couple keeps one section, Rev. Tim keeps one section and the third section goes back to the courthouse, by mail or directly. Once it gets back to the courthouse, the couple is legally married!

If there are any further questions, please feel free to contact Rev. Tim to learn more info!